At Scratch Studio, we can take your direct dry electric guitar/bass recordings and

re-amp to have them at their full potential.

Simply send us your dry guitar di recording and we'll play your recording through our amps and capture the sound with our selection of world renowned microphones! 

You can request specific microphones to capture the sound or leave that to us to decide.

We have three amps in our collection 

available to use;

  • Vox AC30VR Guitar Amp

  • Orange Crush 100 Bass Amp

  • Fender Mustang IV Guitar Amp

Our selection of mics to use include;

  • Neumann U87

  • AKG C414XL

  • AKG D112

  • Rode NT5

  • Shure SM57

The finished guitar recording can be supplied to you as raw stems, mixed stems or a mixed down stereo wav file.

Examples of our amp recording in songs can be heard below.

Get in contact with us to discuss your project and your requirements.

Our Vox amp setup for re-amping guitar with an SM57.


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