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At Scratch Studio we can accommodate ADR and Voiceover locally or sessions via Zoom or
Source Connect Pro.

Source Connect Contact - ScratchStudioL12

We have worked on a number of high profile productions for companies such as Disney, Paramount, Netflix, ITV, Google, Warner Media and Ubisoft.

Our live room features a monitor for any session that requires visuals.

We use a Pro Tools System equipped with Edi Prompt for audio and visual cues.

Microphones available for this service include;

  • Neumann U87ai 

  • AKG C414XL

  • Sennheiser MKH 416 P48

  • DPA 4060 Lav Mic

Click play below to hear example voiceovers, recorded and mixed at Scratch Studio.







Contact us for more details including prices or if you have a special request.

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Stephen Guy Voiceover Reel
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Jo Stokes -
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